During a Pandemic declared by the State, local government, MHSAA or AYSO, the rules in Area are in effect for interplay games.

Masks, Social Distancing, responding to 6 health screening questions, and taking a thermal scan are a foundation to help keep our players and volunteers safe.

The health screen questions are:

  • Any signs of a fever within the last 48 hours?
  • Any coughing?
  • Any sore throat?
  • Any trouble breathing?
  • Any loss of smell or taste?
  • Have you been in contact with anyone in the last 21 days who tested positive for Covid?


Players will be required to answer 6 questions and have a thermal scan upon their arrival to practice. Anyone with a thermal scan of higher than100.3°, or an unsatisfactory answer will be requested to leave the complex/area.  Players will sanitize their hands at the beginning of practice and at the end of practice. If practice is longer than ½ hour, sanitizing will take place every 30 minutes at a minimum.

Parents and non-players are not allowed within 10 feet of the practice area

By Michigan Governor executive order all Players and Coaches, are required to wear a mask when they are not on the practice field.

Coaches need to plan practices and drills with social distancing in mind.

Coaches need to advise that if anyone is not feeling well, the player or family member should remain home and if a player or family member has tested positive for a Covid virus, the player is not to participate or attend practice for 14 Days.

Players beverages are not to be shared and need to be clearly marked with the players name.

Game Day

By Michigan Governor executive order Upon arrival, all players and others will wear a mask from the time they leave their vehicle until they return to the vehicle. Players may be accompanied by two adults. The players and adults will go to a designated check point where a volunteer will ask for answers to the 6 questions and have a thermal scan. Anyone with a temperature of 100.3° or higher, or has an unsatisfactory answer will be requested to leave the soccer complex/area. Players at the check point will received a “mark” on the back of their hand to show the coach they were cleared at the check point. It is recommended that referees have players “Circle” up prior to the game for the equipment check instead of lining up and also check for the check point mark.

The game ball is to be sanitized by the referee prior to start of game, and prior to start of each quarter.  Social Distancing and Mask wearing are keys to maintaining a safe environment for our players and volunteers.

Player’s beverages are not to be shared and need to be clearly marked with the players name.

There are to be no team shared snacks at the end of game.

Spectators are to remain 6 feet or more from the playing field.

During Play

During the game Players Coaches, Spectators will wear a mask.    Referee on the field of play may remove masks. At the end of play, players coaches and referee may not shake hands. Each team should discover a way to end the game with a show of Good Sportsmanship.


Regions are encouraged to provide Porta-potties and keep concessions closed. Regions need to ensure that equipment, uniforms, books are distributed in a manner that allows for social distancing. Thermal scanning must be completed by a volunteer at a check point away from all practices and games. In the event that the only volunteer present at practice or game is a coach, a thermal scanner must be provided or made available to the coach.

When a thermal test is taken and the results are a temperature of 100.3°, the test should be taken again after a 5-minute wait.

Playing fields should be roped or marked to show spectators that they are not allowed on the fields. Signs need to be placed to inform or remind everyone that checking in, social distancing, mask wearing, thermal testing and answering health questions is required to help keep our players and volunteers safe.

In the event that rules for practice or games are not followed, practice and games can be suspended, and/or players and coaches may be removed from the field by a referee, the Regional Commissioner, or one of the Commissioners designated volunteers, Spectators may be sent off the fields or complex by the Regional Commissioner or one of the commissioner designated volunteers.

These Pandemic rules may be changed as conditions warrant by a vote of the Regional Commissioners by means other than in person meeting.


Approved by Regional Commissioner’s and Area Administrator for Area 8-G interplay


David Witter

July 24,2020

September 9, 2020 Interplay regarding Pandemic were change by vote of the Area Commissioners.  The Changes are in RED.

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