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  1. sociali

    A simple yet fast and reliable module for displaying links to your social profiles as icons. Simply install the module and make sure it is enabled. Navigate to it and paste the links of your social profiles, youtube channels and or facebook account/page or group; the rest of the job is already done for you. Use it free under GPL2 General Public License version 2 or later.

  2. Milo Slideshow Pro

    Milo Slideshow Pro is an extension for Joomla! that helps users create slideshow easily with layer, data delay time and easy to style.
    There are lots of parameters and you can set them easily.
    This awesome module is responsive and seo optimized. It is totally compatible with Joomla 3.x, easy to install and a perfect solution for you to create your own slideshow module on joomla …

    Highlight feature:
    • Support Joomla 3.x
    • Images source from images folder
    • Unlimited Images
    • Easy configure layer data
    • Easy style each slide
    • Flexible Configuration
    • Easy customization with custom css.
    • Multi browsers supported (IE 10+, FireFox, Chrome,...)

  3. JEvents Events for Geommunity maps

    Adds jEvents located Items to Geommunity3 Google Maps. Also integrates jEvents Items in Map global search results, and jEvents Categories in Map Dynamic Filter.

    This jEvents interations into Geommunity Maps include:
    - Markers Ajax loading, and clustering
    - Infowindow display
    - Filtering markers by jEvents type
    - Filtering Markers by jEvents categories
    - jEvents categories specific Marker icon (optional)
    - jEvents items markers search

    Installation instructions:
    Required: Geommunity3 component v1.4+
    This plugin installs via the regular Joomla extension installer.
    It will be added to plugins/geommunity/jevents
    It will be listed in the Joomla plugins manager (geommunity folder)
    As soon as it is published, you can visit your Geommunity component Maps object in the backend and edit a Map to add the "jEvents" 3rd party plugin to it.
    Once the form is saved, your front end map module will show located jEvents items. Support for optional jEvents Locations extension is also included

    Note for Category specific marker icons:
    Upload your marker icons to
    where 1 is the category ID

  4. Product Box in Article for JoomShopping

    Product Box in Article for JoomShopping Plugin
    This simple plugin allows You to shows product box in articles. The product box consist of an image, product name, price and title wrapped in a link to a product page in a new tab. You can place as many products in article as You want. Plugin works only in articles (for performance - not to be called for every content component).
    It was tested to work on Joomla 3 with Joomshopping 4.x, but might work with other versions.
    It is a very simple plugin and can be adapted to your needs in the code, or You can contact me for a feauture request.

    Installation: Install using Joomla Extension manager. Enable plugin in admin console.

    Simple Usage: Set defaults on plugin config page and use the code: [jsproduct]PRODUCT_ID[/jsproduct]

    Advanced Usage: Insert in article code: [jsproduct float="right" bsize="1" bcolor="#cccccc" title="Title for product" imgwidth="300" boxmargin="4"]PRODUCT_ID[/jsproduct] where:

    • float="right|left" - option for this box to float to the right or to the left on the page
    • bsize="1" - border size for the product box
    • bcolor="#cccccc" - border color for the product box
    • title="Title for the product" - title for the box, displayed just below the image
    • title_size="16" - font size for the title
    • imgwidth="300" - width of the image
    • imgheight="300" - height of the image, please specify only heiight or width for the image to display proportional
    • boxmargin="4" - margin for the product box
    • prodname="above|below" - name of the product, if indicated to be shown above or below the image
    • prodname_size="14" - font size for the product name
    • prodprice="no" - product price be displayed below the image (default), specify "no" to hide it
    • prodprice_size="16" - font size for the price
    •       PRODUCT_ID -  id of the product to display as indicated in Joomshopping Products list (required)

      All of the options are optional except for the PRODUCT_ID.

  5. JumpmenuwiThumb JT1

    This module allows you to list your items as a dropdown jumpmenu with configurable thumbnail images.

    Joomla 1.7- 2.5 and 3.x compatible
    Enter up to 40 links
    Change Jumpmenu Width
    Selectbox Background
    Selectbox-Hover Background
    Selectbox Height
    Droplist Height
     Links Border-Bottom Color
    Thumbnail Border Color     
    Thumbnail Border Width (Px)    
    Thumbnail Border Style
    Thumbnail Shadow Width (Px)
    Thumbnail Shadow Color     
    Thumbnail Image Padding (Px)    
    Thumbnail Background Color
    Open Target    
    Links Heading    
    Animation Speed
    Load JQuery
    Jumpmenu Links Color, Jumpmenu Links Hover Color
    Change Selectbox Color, Link Color Droplist background color etc.
    Link Items With Thumbnails
    Change Thumbnail Background Color, Border Color, Border Width and Shadow Options
    Use it to build demo pages for your templates, extensions, products etc.


    Vers. 1.0

    Initial Release

AYSO Area G regions

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