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  1. JJ UIkit HTML Editor

    This plugin utilises UIKit's HTML editor component and Codemirror to bring you a rich and simple editing experience. In addition to a generated real-time preview, it includes a toolbar that helps you to change text appearences and add links, pictures, blockquotes and lists without having to write code. The editor provides syntax highlighting for both HTML and Javascript and you can even toggle to fullscreen mode, so that you can work undisturbed on your content.

  2. Simple Audio Player - Shortcode

    This plugin adds a general shortcode [audio], usable in classic Joomla articles and the native "Custom content" module, and all other third party extension using default joomla "contents events".

    This shortcode display a simple Audio player that does the job, the shortcode syntax is the same as Wordpress one, thats why if you want to import Wordpress article to Joomla! this plugin is for you.

    The JS librairie used is MediaElement.js.

    Shortcode usage:
    - **Simple **: [audio src=""]
    - **Advanced **: [audio src="" loop="on" preload="auto" autoplay="on"]

    Mandatory parameter :
    - **src **: URL of your audio file

    Optional parameters :
    - loop **: on / **off = Allows for the looping of media
    - **autoplay **: on / **off **= Causes the media to automatically play as soon as the media file is ready.
    - **preload **: **none **/ auto / metadata = Specifies if and how the audio should be loaded when the page loads, by default the audio should not be loaded when the page loads, auto = the audio should be loaded entirely when the page loads, metadata = only metadata should be loaded when the page loads.
    - **style **: custom code CSS
    - **id **: ID of the audio element
    - **class **: Class of the audio element

    Bold value = default value

  3. HRA - Smart Forms

    HRA - Smart Forms is a plugin that allows a better User Experience (UX) over the admin back-end.

    This extension is provided as it is.
    This extension does not change any other extensions and/or Joomla! core functionality. It only operates on the client side.
    This extension does not create adicional security risks for its users.

  4. Full Auto-Checkin

    A plugin that will save your time!

    With Joomla! everyone has experienced at least once ..
    The famous "lock", loved by some, hated by others .. and yes, it's over! With this plugin, ends padlocks, not just those articles, but also modules, plugins, categories, user ratings, banners .. ect! All joomla's padlocks!

    How it works ?
    It's simple, as soon as an article / Module / plugin /... is edited, even before the page have finished loading, the plugin removes the padlock .. And that's all .. regardless of the number of users, or users's group...

    A little extra for you
    During installation, the plugin will auto-active itseft!

    Which version of Joomla! ?
    The plugin is compatible with all versions from the v1.7.x, so it will work perfectly with Joomla 2.5.x, 3.5.1....
    Let us know if you want this plugin for your joomla 1.5 website!

  5. JOWeather

    Weather component Joomla Open Weather for Joomla 3. Display the data OpenWeatherMap site.

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