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  1. Joomla Backlink Checker (JBC) is the first and only backlink checker for the CMS Joomla! With this extension you can check as many specified link connections as needed.

    Manage and check all links to your website(s) and control your web partners without having to visit their website manually. The component can check an unlimited amount of websites fast and reliably using the HTTP class which is provided by the Joomla! API.

    The check process in Joomla Backlink Checker is very robust and even detects links that are not set to valid HTML standard. But if the code is too bad, then links may not be detected, even though you can see them in the browser. In this case you should motivate the link partner to improve the source code of his website!

    Save your time, you only need one click to check your backlinks!

    Trust is good, control is better! ;-)


    Joomla! 3.x -


    The extension is completely free, but you need a subscription for support:

  2. Want to build native Android app for your Joomla! website? You are in right place.

    You can now build native Android apps without writing single line of code. That's true. We built the necessary framework to customize your app using online tool and download your package. You can sign and submit the package to Google Play Store right away.

    Following are the features of Lotus apps:

    - Native Android apps: Unlike other workarounds like showing your website in a mobile browser, Lotus is a full fledged android application written in Java/Android.

    - Beautiful Profile View: Lotus has built-in profile view which can make use of your existing user avatars. Profile view beautifully organize and display user content in one place.

    - Contact Us Form: With built-in contact us form your users can easily contact you from the app itself. To protect you from spammers, it has integration for Joomla! reCaptcha plugin as well.

    - Articles Integration: Built-in Joomla! articles integration allows your users to browse articles on the app. Customize which articles and categories to be allowed on app within your site admin interface. Built-in article submission form let you to submit articles on the fly.

    - Community Answers Integration: Give your users an easy way to browse and answer questions. Use built-in Community Answers integration if your site already using Community Answers. The app will automatically detect your settings and no more extra setup needed. It's just a click away.

    - CjForum Integration: Already using our CjForum component? Why not give your users a mobile option to interact wherever they go? Lotus has built-in integration for CjForum component and what's more? You can use all CjForum features on the app too such as avatars, profile etc.

    How to build your app?
    1. Download and install Lotus Joomla! component. This will act as webservice provider for your app.
    2. Create, customize and build your app with our app builder tool on the website
    3. Create Firebase app on Google Firebase Console and upload json file on our website
    4. Sign your APK file using the instructions provided on our documentation
    5. Upload the app to Google Play Store

  3. Assign an avatar to users if not set, based on first letter or Gravatar service (custom Letter Avatar based on user's Initials letters from name (2 letters), username or email)

    Compatible with Community Builder, Jomsocial, EasySocial, EasyDiscuss
    To come: support for K2, EasyBlog etc...

  4. With Options Manager you can Export and Import your Global Options and use Activate Options to switch between the Imported Global Options and the previous Configured Global Options. Furthermore, it will make it easier to distinguish which Menu Items have Options that are different from the Global Options.

    Options Manager has been developed for Joomla website builders and administrators:

    • No more tedious clicking on Options.
    • No more unexplainable Menu Item issues.
    • Save Time!
  5. JUN Social Counter Plugin grabs the latest counts of your Fans/Followers etc. from your Favorite Social Networks and then displays them on your Blog. It is the perfect solution to encourage more users to join your network.

    Highlight feature:

    · Support 8 layout style

    · Social networks supported: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Dribbble, Sound Cloud, Vimeo, Envato, Delicious, Pinterest, Github, Behance

    · Cache all or cache by specific to reduce the API calls loading time

    · Fit any of sidebars width

    · Built on Bootstrap 3 Option for the number of columns

    · Built on Bootstrap 3

    · 100% Responsive

    · Full responsive on all devices

    · Flexible Configuration at back-end

    · Easy customization with custom css.

    · Multi browsers supported (IE 10+, FireFox, Chrome,...)

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