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  1. Joomla Facebook Pixel- This magnificent add-on integrates user's Joomla site with Facebook pixel. It allows user to track report conversions, build audiences and get stats related to engagement of customers.


    • Support Joomla on view content for selected component.
    • Provides a complete analytics of site which includes page views, adding to cart, purchases, adding to wish list and much more.
    • Facilitates leverages to run personalised marketing campaigns based on the visits of pages.
    • Provides a measure related to number of conversions generated.
    • Furnish to target valuable audiences and gauge ad performance with the help of reporting on conversion events.
  2. Joomla Virtuemart Square Payment Gateway- This splendid add-on provides the user with the access to purchases products in Virtuemart store via Square payment. With the installation of Joomla Virtuemart Square Payment Gateway store owner can receive payments anywhere with Square with all security measures.


    • Well integrated with Virtuemart store.
    • The plugin is compatible and works for SSL certified site.
    • Payment form is generated using square js library for security.
    • Feature of token generation is available to make charge instead of card details being transferred to server.
    • Functionality of full refund is available at admin end.
  3. A plugin that will save your time!

    What's the point ?

    By default, for security reasons Joomla! renames the files that are sent (images, pdf...), the filter is simple: special characters are simply deleted. So if you send an image named "ça.png", the name of the image on the server become "a.png", the "ç" is recognized as a special character. Our plugin Automatic File Renamer renames images (or files) in a much more elegant way, "ça.png" becomes "ca.png"... All special characters are supported, even the Cyrillic alphabet (for our Russian friends), and most common charset.

    How it works ?

    The plugin renames files sent to the server directly to the source, before Joomla! filtering their names, and in a totally transparent manner, so this plugin will work with the default Joomla!'s media manager, and also with the media manager of JCE or other third party extensions, such as phocadownload, Widgetkit.. and any other which component / module that can process images / files sent by the user ..

    You can add a dynamic prefix files :

    UID : The current user ID (ie : 950)

    DAY : Today's date (ie : 2016-05-20)

    HOUR : Today's time (ie : 14-50-12, for 14h50:12)

    IP : The IP of the user sending the file (ie :

    You are free to compose a prefix of your choice, here are some examples :

    IP :

    UID-DAY_IP : 950-2016-10-10_81.123.45.9-myfile.png

    A little extra for you

    During installation, the plugin will auto-active itseft! No further action on your part is required.

    Which version of Joomla! ?

    The plugin is compatible with all versions from the v1.7.x, so it will work perfectly with Joomla 2.5.x, 3.6....

    Let us know if you want this plugin for your joomla 1.5 website!

    Created : May 2016

    Update : October 2016

    Joomla : 1.7.x - 3.x

    Auto active : yes

  4. This is a module showing some configurable information of the current day.

    • Date and time - you can select a format and you can show it as a module title
    • Name day - people in some countries are used to celebrate a day with their name listed in a calendar like a "small" birthday
    • Public holidays - a special event for celebrating

    Version 1.1.0

  5. Social Media platforms (Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, Whatsapp, StumbleUpon, LINE, Telegram, Viber, Pocket, Facebook Messenger, vKontakte) are a growing driver for traffic to your blog and integrated responsive Social Media sharing buttons are facilitating community engagement and promotion. But often integrating Social Sharing buttons on your website can break your website's performance (because they load a remotely hosted script) and look-and-feel. Often you are limited as to where these Social sharing buttons are placed on your blog or website. And what are those cookies for that they place? Who asked them to track your visitors? What are they doing with that data?

    Time to take control again over your website and protect your visitors!

    This Joomla! content plugin integrates the open source js-Socials script seamlessly into your web pages. The script itself is only 10K big and because it is installed locally it can be cached and thus is lightning fast!

    You get full control on where you want to place the responsive Social sharing buttons: simply by entering the tag {jssocials} anywhere in your blog / article.
    Don't like the labels on the buttons? Change them via Joomla language file.... It's your site, you decide what to do with it :)
    Don't want certain buttons to be shown on tables or phones? No worries, you can configure which buttons(s) should display on what device!

    Or you can place them automagically in the top / bottom / readmore (or any combination of) positions on your Joomla! articles (configurable per category). And that's not all! you can even choose to have the buttons automagically appear on your featured or category (blog) view: this makes sharing articles from those pages very easy for your visitors.

    With one click of the mouse you can change the look-and-feel of all the responsive Social sharing buttons all over your website: all from the plugin's back-end. You want the look and feel to perfectly match your website? No problem: with the custom css option you can make them look (and feel) exactly the way you want them to!

    For the marketeers among us: it is even possible to measure (via e.g. Google Analytics) the effectiveness of your buttons / Social platform via built in UTM support!

    And that is not all... it's free for you to use on your website!

    Extra functionality compared to free jsSocials version:

    - Advanced replace: replace any text / tag with the jsSocials buttons
    - Custom campaigns support: set extra sharing parameters so you can track who clicked what and where in e.g. Google Analytics
    - Seamless integration in ochSEO | SMO toolbox component

    New in version 0.5.4

    - Updated: Fontawesome version 4.7.0
    - Updated: Telegram pictogram changed to fa-telegram
    - New: nl-NL Language support
    - New: Seamless integration in ochSEO | SMO Toolbox component

    New in version 0.5.3

    - Updated: jsSocials script version 1.4.0
    - Improved: K2 fixes media / video / gallery on page (requires K2 fix)

    New in version 0.5.2

    - New: vKontakte Social sharing added
    - New: Facebook Messenger Social sharing added
    - Improvement: Count setting (yes / no) decoupled from responsive setting
    - Temp Fix: Share count for Google+ disabled (not working anymore)
    - Improvement: Don't run plugin when the content is being indexed
    - Improvement: Improved installer update routine
    - Changed: Language files moved to plugins language folder

    New in version 0.5.1

    - Fix: Pocket button not always showing on mobile (thnx Moos)
    - Fix: Autobuttons showing on modules that execute content plugins and are displayed on page that is configured to receive autobuttons  (thnx Luc)

    New in version 0.5.0

    - New: Added Viber Social sharing button (thx Nidzo)
    - New: Added Pocket read it later button (tnx Nidzo)
    - New: all buttons now configurable per device (show on desktop / tablet / mobile)
    - New: show debug information (see advanced tab for more information, default = off)
    - New: Pinterest button now also visible on featured, category views (when image in article)
    - Improvement: improved context (component) detection for autobuttons
     - Stops buttons from showing up on components that *mimic* com_content.article
     - Better K2 item, itemlist, latest detection for autobuttons
    - Improvement: updated Mobile Detect library to version 2.8.22
    - Improvement: Mobile Detection improvement (less overhead = more speed)
    - Improvement: Several code improvements / changes

    New in version 0.4.2

    - New: Added Telegram Social sharing button
    - Changed: upgraded jssocials.js script to version 1.3.1
     - Styles: Fix share count text vertical alignment
     - Shares: Fix facebook sharing count url
     - Shares: Simplify googleplus count url
    - Improvement: minor css changes > Fix share count text vertical alignment

    New in version 0.4.1

    - New: Added ReadMore position as autobutton position
    - Fixed: Pinterest not working on K2
    - Changed: Facebook Like renamed to Facebook Share
    - Changed: Google +1 renamed to Google Share
    - Improvement: Better Pinterest image handling for K2 and Easyblog
    - Improvement: several code improvements / changes

    New in version 0.4.0

    - Easyblog auto buttons now configurable per category (include / exclude)
    - Autobuttons for K2 articles (K2 version 2.6.8 +)
    - Improvement: updated jssocials script to version 1.2.1
    - Improvement: updated Font Awesome to version 4.6.1
    - Improvement: updated Mobile_Detect script to version 2.8.21
    - Fix: Auto buttons Easyblog entry page were dependent on Joomla article setting
    - Misc. Code clean up and improvements

    New in version 0.3.2

    - LINE added as Social sharing site
    - Fix: page / article titles with " in it would stop buttons from showing
    - Improvement: updated jssocials script to version 1.2

    New in version 0.3.1

    - New Feature: Social share dialog in popup window (new default) or in browser tab
    - Fix: WhatsApp not started on some (exotic) mobile browsers
    - New feature: Call-2-action text before tweet text
    - Improvement: All button labels are now Joomla text strings > they can now be translated / changed via Joomla functionality

    New in version 0.3.0

    - add Autobuttons to EasyBlog (entry, categories, tags, latest, bloggers pages)
    - Improved detection component / view to prevent autobuttons to show up on e.g. modules that process content plugins
    - Advanced (Regex) replacement: replace anything in your text with the responsive Social sharing buttons
    - Code clean up and improvement: Code is now 100% compliant to Joomla! Code style

    New in version 0.2.2

    - Improvement: implemented MobileDetect library for better mobile detection (for whatsapp button)

    New in version 0.2.1

    - A bug is fixed in which some non-https urls where not constructed correct + some minor code improvements

    New in version 0.2.0

    - Added option to also *automagically* add buttons to the introtext of your articles when showcased on the Featured or Category (blog) view

    New in version 0.1.5

    - Code improvement to avoid buttons not showing on special pages (e.g. featured articles view) where multiple articles (with buttons) are displayed.
    - Improvement to force the loading of the dependent jquery script before the jssocials script (buttons not displaying on some templates / pages)

    New in version 0.1.4

    - A special treat for the Internet Marketeers (and other people who like analytics :)): now you can append a UTM parameter to the URL that is shared via the jsSocials buttons. This enables you to e.g. track the effectiveness of the jsSocials buttons in Google Analytics.
    Additionally you can automatically (optional) specify in the UTM code the button (platform) that was used to share the url (via utm_content), that way you can even see which Social Media platform is working best for you and which platform needs some love and care to get up to par with the others.

    New in version 0.1.3

    - order the buttons and *automagically* place the buttons on selected article categories in top, botton or both positions!

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