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  1. Phoca Cart Wish List Module - a Joomla! CMS module which displays selected products of Phoca Cart to display them in wish list.

    Phoca Cart component installation is required to run this module.

  2. NS Members Only is an easy way to limit access to your site by only displaying a login box without the default template or any other modules.

    Just using the Joomla core to limit complete access is to adjust permissions on menus, article and modules and in some cases use a second template or figure out a way to re-purpose the offline mode function which isn't optimal in most cases. Either way it's a hassle when all you want to do is hide everything, including the template to your site.

    With this plugin, you can hide everything except a login block to force your registered users to login to gain access and spend less than 10 minutes setting it up.

    Perfect for an intranet site or website that you don't want visible to the world.

    Change Log

  3. This plugins allow users login automatically to the site after register, without having to re-enter their login data access.


    • After registered immediately login. Without enter username and password.

    • Enter return url for registered users redirect in backend configuration.

    • Compatiility: Joomla! 3.0

    • Free download

    Installation Steps:

    • Download the plugin and install it using Joomla Extension Manager.
    • Go to Plugin manager and enable it.
    • For the plugin to work it is necessary to set "New User Account Activation" to none in User Manager Options
  4. NS Mail Template is a Joomla plugin that works in conjunction with the core Joomla mail function to allow you to relay your sites transactional emails, template those emails and track deliverability statistics from within your SendGrid account.

    Say goodbye to the ugly, unformatted plain text email notifications. Your site users will receive professional looking, templated emails, that can even be responsive for different device sizes.

    Extension Compatibility

    Any Joomla extension that uses the core mailing function will be templated. For example RSForm notifications will be templated if you are using RSForm.

    If an extension is using it's own mail function such as phpmail or sendmail those emails will not be templated as they do not pass through the core mail function.

    What is SendGrid?

    SendGrid is an email relay service that allows you to relay your websites transactional emails to improve deliverability rates. It also allows you to template those emails and track statistical details about emails sent.

    Note: You can sign up for a free account that allows you to send up to 12,000 emails. If you need to send more than 12k per month you must subscribe to a paid plan with SendGrid.

  5. New high-quality version of the premium JUN Social Instagram Slideshow allows creating marvelous grids of Instagram photos and sharing them in gorgeous galleries.

    Unleash the full power of an outstanding tool for displaying Instagram images from any public profile or any possible hashtag. The jQuery version of InstaShow contains vast opportunities of customization so that you will be able to set the required parameters depending on a website’s purpose.

    60+ adjustable elements, 10 color schemes and 16 languages will help you to create an amazing look for Instagram images. Manage the retina ready and user-friendly Instagram jQuery Feed to attract your website?s audience in a flash!

    Highlight feature:

    • Support Joomla 3.x

    • Support # hashtags, @ usernames, links

    • 9 stunning pre-set theme styles

    • 16 languages support

    • Display in horizontal or vertical layout

    • Custom style available

    • Color picker supported

    • Running image slideshow

    • Flexible Configuration

    • Full responsive with all devices

    • Beautiful lightbox display support

    • Easy customization with custom css

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