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    • Based on JQuery slider
    • FREE!!
    • Can load Images from different folders, insert a folder list separated by semicolon
    • Multiple instances on the same page
    • Enlarge SlideShow
    • Responsive
  1. With Conditional Content you can restrict or grant access to parts of the content based on a wide selection of conditions (based on device, user groups, date ranges, languages and menu items to name a few).

    Creating conditions is a easy as placing {show} or {hide} around your special content.

    For example, to show a piece of text only to guests (not logged in visitors), you can do this:
    {show access="Guest"}You are not logged in yet!{/show}

    Or you can hide a promo text on weekends:
    {hide days="6,7"}Call us now!{/hide}

    More information:

  2. This extension contains a responsive module for showing off article recently visited by a visitor.
    With this module you can choose number of article to display, show or hide intro image, option to choose display title, sort, etc....

  3. Create slideshows that are responsive, SEO-friendly and interactive by just using simple images, article content or K2 items.

    - any image, standard Joomla article or K2 item sets can be used as source for the slides,
    - source images are used to create the slide's background,
    - source content is used as content for a slide, in any position,
    - create sliders from 2 different slider types,
    - add slide transition options (speed, auto start...),
    - comprehensive interface when familiar with slideshow software,
    - customizable navigation arrows,
    - cached and minimized stylesheets and scripts.

  4. Popular Search Keyword Analytics is a smart keyword research tool that empowers you with information and guidance to help you maximize every facet of efforts to bring closer Supply and Demands. Not only does it show you what people are searching for, it gives you popular search keyword patterns to understand both supply and demands.

    Popular Search Keyword Analytics component in few simple steps bridges with any 3rd party component to grab search keywords and discover popular search patterns.

    You want to better understand what your market (supply and demand) ?
    You are serious about essential investment?
    You want to know the which area business is currently competing?

    Then you must have Popular Keyword Analytics to better understand your business.

    As websites have become complex an increasing amount of site users are jumping to the site search box and using that to find what they want. No matter if it is a Real Estate, Social, Yellow pages, Automobiles, E-commerce or other websites. The importance of Business analytics is an important component of most successful modern businesses.

    Data-driven companies treat their data as a corporate asset and leverage it for competitive advantage. Popular Search Keyword Analytics tool will achieve the desired results faster, more efficiently, and more effectively in the long run.

    If you want more traffic to your site or just want to better understand what your market is looking for you should explore Popular Search Keyword Analytics.

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